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Pension Tax Relief Update…..

Pension tax relief update There has been welcomed news from the government indicating that it will scrap existing plans to reduce tax relief on pension premiums. However, what will replace these and how might it affect you? The last government’s plans for reducing the tax relief high earners can claim on pension premiums, which were […]

Company Cars

Primus Accountancy Client : “I was thinking about getting a company car, should I?” For many years it’s been a straight forward answer for our clients who have enquired about company cars. Governments have been obsessed with taxing them out of existence. It just hasn’t been tax efficient to recommend this as an effective option. […]

Remember, Remember…….

Remember, Remember the 5th of November. It’s impossible to forget the 5th of November. Primary School drummed the popular rhyme about Guy Fawkes attempt at blowing up the houses of parliament into our heads permanently. We also get a rather noisy reminder every year of the failed attempt to blow up the houses of parliament […]