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On 6th April, 2015, new legislation came into effect which requires intermediaries supplying temporary labour to report to HMRC details of all workers they have placed with clients and who are not on their own PAYE payroll. WHO DOES THE LEGISLATION APPLY TO? The legislation affects anyone who is involved in supplying temporary labour, including […]

The 2015 Budget – Headlines and Summary

With the general election just over seven weeks away, the Chancellor sought to be the bearer of good tidings to businesses and individuals alike. The UK’s Gross Domestic Product grew by 2.6% in 2014. Although this fell short of the 3.0% growth which had been previously predicted, the Chancellor claimed that the UK economy had […]

Changes underway for umbrella companies

Umbrella companies have been featured extensively in the media recently, with some accused of paying workers less than the value agreed, by recruiting them through employment agencies. This tactic often means that contractors are forced to pay national insurance both as an employee and employer, so they could actually earn much less than the rate […]

EBTs – time to pay up?

For many, EBTs were traditionally used as a means of reducing tax liabilities. Companies set up a trust from which an EBT in the form of a long term loan was granted, to pay the company’s employees; thus reducing income tax liability. Eventually HMRC grew wise to this tactic, recognising EBTs as a tax avoidance […]

HMRC’s PAYE RTI gaff blamed on employer error

Without doubt, the chaos caused by the introduction of HMRC’s Real Time Information (RTI) system has been substantial, with a six-eight week forecast given to rectify the mess. This supposed answer to the problems traditionally encountered by the annual PAYE reconciliation has still seen millions of incorrect tax demands being sent out to employees, and […]

Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs) – The Facts

July this year saw the introduction of Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs), by HMRC. These notices are deemed to be a way in which the tax authority can identify and target individuals and businesses which it suspects of having deliberately invested in a tax avoidance scheme either recently, or in the past. Over 1000 schemes have […]

Dividends – Truths & Myths

Most UK Limited Companies vote and pay dividends to their shareholders on a regular basis, there are no restrictions on when a dividend can be voted and paid. However, many company directors are unaware of the essential company law aspects to voting and paying a dividend. HM Revenue & Customs are starting to crack down […]

Welcome to Primus’ New Blog

Primus Accountancy are delighted to be able to launch our new blog. It’s going to be a valuable source of knowledge for all business owners, limited company contractors and sole traders. We will keep you informed of changes in legislation, budget updates as well as hopefully keeping you entertained (as well as an accountant can!). […]

Who, Where, Why, What and When?

Who – Primus Accountancy is a group of accountants and tax specialists with in excess of 30 years combined history in supporting small – medium sized businesses. Where – We are based in the North West of England, Warrington to be precise supporting clients from as far north as Aberdeen, to as far south as […]

Primus Accountancy

Primus Accountancy introduces its fixed fee tax and accountancy services from our offices in Warrington which supports small-medium sized businesses across the UK. We support the following types of UK based individuals and buinesses * Businesses with turnover less than £2 Million * Limited Company Contractors * Sole Traders * Individuals We provide the following […]