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Are you prepared for digital tax returns?

Are you prepared for digital tax returns? As a business owner, you may be aware that as from this month, HMRC will begin to make changes which will eventually see all businesses supplied with a completely digital tax account.  By next year, it is envisaged that around five million businesses will have made the switch […]

HMRC Unnecessary Demands and Threats to Collect PAYE Liabilities

HMRC Unnecessary Demands and Threats to Collect Payment Nobody likes to receive letters from HMRC demanding money – particularly when none is due!  However that is exactly what can happen if you do not notify HMRC that there is no PAYE liability for a period. HMRC PAYE Payments (Income Tax and National Insurance) It is […]

Investments & Corporate Structures

Should I hold Investments in my Limited Company? A question we are regularly asked by clients is whether they should transfer their private investments into their Limited Company – Below we consider the implications Tax rates seem to be constantly changing. Back in April the top rate of income tax rate rose to 50%, we […]

Bank Accounts

You run your own business on a self-employed basis. Until now you’ve just had the one bank account out of which you’ve paid business and personal expenses. Should you separate the two? If you separate the two you will Save bookkeeping time. When you only have one bank account, your business and personal expenses can […]