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Are you prepared for digital tax returns?

Are you prepared for digital tax returns? As a business owner, you may be aware that as from this month, HMRC will begin to make changes which will eventually see all businesses supplied with a completely digital tax account.  By next year, it is envisaged that around five million businesses will have made the switch […]

Over 3 Million Could Get Tax Rebates

As HM Revenue and Customs reconcile their books, millions of tax payers could be in line for refunds. HMRC will soon send out approximately 3.5 million letters telling people that they have paid too much tax, those taxpayers could get a rebate of about £340  this year.  Another 1.2 million people will be informed that […]

Investment property tax planning idea for joint owners….

Joint Investment Property Income If you own a rental investment property with someone else, and want them to receive the income because they pay tax at a lower rate than you, can this be done legitimately? Change of ownership Thankfully there is a simple solution to the above problem, which in the example of husband […]